There are five permanent committees within the SIOG governance.

Fellowship and Awards Committee

The SIOG Fellowship and Awards Committee is responsible for the screening and shortlisting of the nominations for SIOG Fellowships and for the SIOG Awards (Paul Calabresi Award and National Representative of the Year Award). It provides guidance to the Board of Directors by submitting its recommendations for the selection of new recipients of the SIOG Fellowships and Awards.

Chair: Johanneke Portielje (Netherlands)
Riccardo Audisio (Sweden)
Esther Bastiaannet (Netherlands)
Janine Capobiango Martins (Brazil) – Liaison with Young SIOG Interest Group
Grace Lu-Yao (USA)
Shane O’Hanlon (Ireland)
Sophie Pilleron (United Kingdom) – Liaison with the SIOG NAH Interest Group
Pierre Soubeyran (France)

Membership and National Representatives Committee

The SIOG Membership and National Representatives Committee is responsible for the coordination of the National Representatives nominations, activities, roles and responsibilities including recruitment of SIOG members, retention and special offers.

Chair: Raul Cordoba (Spain)
Co-Chair: Kwok-Leung Cheung (United Kingdom)
Wendy Chan (Hong Kong SAR, China)
Theodora Karnakis (Brazil)
Demetris Papamichael (Cyprus)

Public Policy Committee

The SIOG Public Policy Committee is responsible for practical implementations of the SIOG Priorities, assisting the SIOG Executive Committee with public policy engagements, and maintaining relationships with international partners and stakeholders on behalf of SIOG.

Chair:  Martine Extermann (USA)
Beverly Canin (USA)
Kwok-Leung Cheung (United Kingdom)
Vasco Fonseca (Portugal)
Theodora Karnakis (Brazil)
Gabor Liposits (Denmark)
Alex Mutombo Baleka (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Shane O’Hanlon (Ireland)
Ravindran Kanesvaran (Singapore), ex-officio – non-voting – as SIOG President
Najia Musolino (Switzerland), ex-officio – non-voting – as SIOG CEO

Publication Committee

The SIOG Publication Committee oversees all publications of the Association and electronic (web) publications. It coordinates and supervises the aims, targets, and scope of the various scientific and educational publications; and liaises with the Journal of Geriatric Oncology (JGO).

Chair: Beatriz Korc-Grodzicki (USA)
Andrew Chapman (USA)
Divyanshu Dua (Australia)
Michelle Hannan (Ireland) – Liaison with the SIOG NAH Interest Group
Jessica Krok-Schoen (USA) – Liaison with Young SIOG Interest Group
Stuart Lichtman (USA)
Supriya Mohile (USA)
Janice Tsang (Hong Kong, SAR China)

Science and Education Committee

The SIOG Science and Education Committee is responsible to contribute the advancement of science in Geriatric Oncology. It is also responsible for granting SIOG label/auspices to national or international educational events. Additionally it is responsible for the educational activities of the Association, such as Continuous Medical Education, SIOG Courses, etc.

Co-Chair: Laura Biganzoli (Italy)
Co-Chair: Lore Decoster (Belgium)
Valentine Goede (Germany)
Fabio Gomes (United Kingdom) – Liaison with Young SIOG Interest Group
Kristen Haase (Canada) – Liaison with the SIOG NAH Interest Group
Holly Holmes (USA)
Michael Jaklitsch (USA)
Anita O’Donovan (Ireland)
Enrique Soto Perez de Célis (Mexico)