The SIOG National Representatives (NRs) Commitee is one of strategic bodies of SIOG, with an important role in linking SIOG’s core with members, institutions and experts around the globe. SIOG NRs work closely with the SIOG committees for the design, facilitation and evaluation of SIOG activities and impact, ensuring an integrative approach in the implementation of SIOG activities worldwide.

Why become a National Representative (NR)?

SIOG’s approach is rooted in the highest level of ethics of collaboration and partnership. Recognising the importance of national contexts and priorities, SIOG aligns its activities to national capacities and resources as well as local medical and clinical practices.

In the recent report on ageing and health, the World Health Organisation has called for action on ‘population ageing’. This engagement needs to be contextualised with the societal frameworks relevant to each country. Advocacy for more visibility of geriatric oncology as a specialty and encouraging cooperation between geriatricians and oncologists, as well as with other disciplines, are of utmost importance.

Establishing close collaborations with health authorities and developing concrete measures for a better recognition of cancer care in the elderly through the strengthening of human resources for health (HRH) are achievable goals. SIOG NRs are key actors in raising awareness to improvements made in their countries taking specificities of each health system into account.

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You may have noticed that your own country has no appointed NR yet. If you are interested in this position, please contact the Chair of the Membership and National Representatives Committee, Dr. Raul Cordoba, at

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National Representatives 2020-2022