The goal of the joint Working Group on Cancer in the Elderly is to promote education in cancer topics specific to this population. The Cancer in the Elderly Working Group is a joint venture between ESMO and the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) created in 2019.

Activities and responsibilities

  • To improve management of the elderly cancer patients
  • To better educate oncology professionals in issues related to elderly cancer patients
  • To raise awareness on specific needs and requirements related to the management of the elderly patients with cancer


Committee Members

Nicolò Battisti, chair of the SIOG Young Interest Group, represented the ESMO/SIOG Cancer in the Elderly Working Group to speak on the management of cancer in older patients. In this video, Nicolò Battisti discusses the challenges of managing cancer in this population and the importance of geriatric assessments to guide decision-making. Nicolò Battisti also outlines the results of four landmark studies presented at ASCO 2020, documenting various benefits of integrated oncogeriatric care on hard endpoints, including severe toxicities, hospitalizations and quality of life.

2020 November 30 – December 1 – Virtual Preceptorship on Cancer Care in Elderly Patients. More info

2021 September 2-3 – Virtual Preceptorship on Elderly Cancer. More info