Reinhard Stauder


Biographical Info
Reinhard Stauder received his Doctoral Degree in Medicine in 1981 from the University of Innsbruck and in 2006 received a Master's Degree in Health Sciences from the University of Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology, Hall in Tirol, Austria. From 1994 – 1996, he was Scientific Member at the Basel Institute for Immunology, Basel, Switzerland. RS is a specialist in Internal Medicine, a Certified Specialist in Hematology and Oncology and Associate Professor of Medicine at Innsbruck Medical University, Austria. His main clinical and scientific focus lies in Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS), in geriatric oncology and in anemia in the elderly. His main goal is the development of inpidualized treatment algorithms in elderly patients. At present RS is responsible for the geriatric oncology and MDS program of the Department of Internal Medicine V (Haematology and Oncology), Innsbruck Medical University. RS is a member of the European Leukemia Net (ELN) and is representative of Austria in the European LeukemiaNet MDS registry (EU-MDS). RS is a member of the board of the Austrian Society for Haematology and Oncology (OEGHO) as well as vice-chairman of the Austrian MDS-Plattform and chairman of the Geriatric Oncology Group of the OEGHO. RS is the National Representative for Austria in the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG), is editorial board member of “The Journal of Geriatric Oncology” and is founder and chairman of the Austrian association „Aid in elderly cancer patients” (Verein Senioren-Krebshilfe). In addition RS is a member of the Scientific Working Groups on Hematology and Ageing of EHA and ASH. RS is author of numerous scientific publications including more than 85 publications in peer-reviewed journals with a total impact factor of >350. 2017 - Dr Reinhard Stauder received the award Dr.-Johannes-Tuba Preise für Gerontologie und Geriatrie 2017 for life achievements and for his involvement and work on the SIOG manuscript on the "Management of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in the Elderly: A Position Paper from an International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) Task Force" (published in Annals of oncology in February 2017). Read more (article in German) 2016 - Dr Reinhard Stauder received the SIOG 2016 Calabresi award, which recognizes a prominent world expert in the Geriatric Oncology field. 2015 - The manuscript „Clustering of comorbidities is related to age and sex and impacts clinical outcome in Myelodysplastic Syndromes“ by Christoph Bammer, MD from the group of Reinhard Stauder MD, MSc, associate professor, published in JGO in 2014 has received the prestigious "Dr.-Johannes-Tuba-Award" 2015 for Geriatrics and Gerontology of the Tyrolean Medical Society. Read more