Read the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), with the support of Sanofi, exploring existing policy frameworks around cancer and ageing. The report provides key considerations to ensure societies are best able to respond to the unique challenges older people with cancer face across their patient journey. Cancer and Ageing: Policy Responses to Meeting the Needs of Older People, was officially launched on 16th June 2020 drawing on extensive research and is informed by an array of experiences from the US, EU and Japan, including the perspectives of the following experts.


  1. Matti Aapro, Oncologist, Member of the Board of Directors, Genolier Cancer Centre, Switzerland and President-Elect of the European Cancer Organisation (ECCO)
  2. William Dale, Arthur M. Coppola Family Chair in Supportive Care Medicine at City of Hope Cancer Center, Duarte, California, USA
  3. Lydia Makaroff, Vice President of the World Bladder Cancer Coalition and Former Director of the European Cancer Patients Coalition (ECPC)
  4. Hitoshi Nakagama, President, National Cancer Centre Japan, Tokyo, Japan
  5. Kirsten Sloan, Vice President of Public Policy, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Washington, DC, USA