As the leading global platform for geriatric oncology, SIOG promotes geriatric oncology in global health and international development agendas. The SIOG network provides action-oriented framework to support decision makers for the translation of research results, products and knowledge into better oncology treatments and related clinical practices for the ageing populations with cancer. Countries are integral to implementing lasting solutions and have the national capacity to govern, stimulate, use and translate research into innovation to strengthen the capacity of their health workforce for the optimisation of treatment of older adults with cancer. Our advocacy and policy professionals combine SIOG’s tools, resources, knowledge and services in a complex process of communication and cooperation.

SIOG’s advocacy programmes also address the embedding of clinical opinions from geriatric oncologist and health practitioners for the uptake and innovation of research and clinical practices, including the promotion of multidisciplinary and strengthening of the workforce development.

  • As a member of the European Cancer Organisation, SIOG ensures to contribute to the consensus of European oncology professionals and to engage with policy-makers to ensure that cancer stays at the top of the EU agenda.
  • As a member of the UICC, SIOG supports the cancer community through advococay and by contributing technical expertise for training and capacity building across the field of geriatric oncology.
  • SIOG supports the World Cancer Declaration and actively participates each year in the World Cancer Day advocacy campaign.
  • SIOG supported the UN resolution on NCDs issued at the May 2013 World Health Assembly with a letter of support to the Swiss Federal health department engaging with  them to prioritise cancer and geriatrics on the Swiss global health agenda. 2013.06_letter of support to the Swiss Federal health department.pdf
  • SIOG has registered a multistakeholder partnership/voluntary commitment in the Partnership for SDGs online platform under SDGAction #26996.