Regina Gironés Sarrió


Biographical Info
At beginning of my career, I coordinated lung pathologies (small and non-small cell), gynecological, oncogeriatrics and germ cell tumors in the Oncology Unit of the Lluís Alcanyís Hospital (Xàtiva, Valencia). In 2004, the Thoracic Tumors Committee was set up in coordination with the Thoracic Surgery Service of the Hospital de La Ribera (Alzira, Valencia). I visited that hospital until October 2010, when the Committee for Thoracic Tumors was launched at the Lluís Alcanyís Hospital, with meetings on a weekly basis. This action generated an increase in the quality of care for patients with lung cancer in the area, so that all cases are discussed jointly with Thoracic Surgeons, Radiotherapists, Radiologists and others involved in the pathology. As a result of this work, in addition to the assistance work, there have been several communications to congresses. I was the Secretary of this Committee. Since 2011, a Committee for Gynecological Tumors also operated on a weekly/biweekly basis in this hospital, depending on the number of cases. Since January 2019, I incorporated to the Service of Medical Oncology of the Hospital Politècnic i Universitaria La Fe, as the responsible for the Unit of Genitourinary Tumors and Tumors of the Central Nervous System. I currently hold the position of Head of Section in Medical Oncology (presentation of the project and resolution on 10/21/2020, pending final inauguration). Since June 2020 I am the President of the Nervous System Tumors Committee of Hospital la Fe. I belong to the following cooperative groups: - Creation of the SEOM Oncogeriatrics Working Group in February 2016. Group Coordinator since February 2016. Section Coordinator at SEOM since June 2019. - Spanish Lung Cancer Group (GECP): member since 2009. - Germ Tumor Treatment Group (Germinal Group): member since 2005, and member of the Board of Directors since October 2010. I am currently the secretary of this group (since September 2014). - SIOG: International Society of Geriatric Oncology. Member since 2007. - GIDO: Grup de Investigació i Divulgació Oncològica. Member of the board since its formation in June 2009. I am currently the secretary of this group (since 2013). - SEOM: Spanish Society of Medical Oncology, member since 2004. - SEOM Continuous Care Section: member from September 2011 to 2016. - ICAPEM: Working Group on Lung Cancer in Women, member since 2010. - GEICO: Spanish Group of Gynecological Cancer, member since 2009. - Multidisciplinary Working Group in Geriatric Oncohematology: member since 2010. - Member of ESMO: Eurpoean Society of Medical Oncology since 2016. - GEINO: Spanish Neuro Oncology Research Group. Member since January 2019. - SOGUG: Spanish Genitourinary Tumor Group Member since June 2017