Johanneke Portielje

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Johanneke E.A. Portielje is professor of medical oncology, with research focus on geriatric oncology in the Medical Oncology Department of Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands. After graduation from the Leiden University Medical School (LUMC), she was trained in internal medicine (LUMC / HMC Westeinde) and oncology (Daniel den Hoed Cancer Clinic / Erasmus MC Rotterdam) and wrote her thesis on Interleukin 12 in renal cancer patients (2002). She subsequently practiced oncology in the Hagaziekenhuis in The Hague. In 2017, she made a transfer to the LUMC. The research of the geriatric oncology group that she leads in the LUMC addresses the predictive characteristics that may distinguish older patients that most likely benefit from a given treatment from those who will not and the mechanisms that determine age differences in cancer development and treatment. Another area of research addresses care innovations for older cancer patients: Do older patients benefit from adaptations in care pathways or intensified support? From 2012 until recently, she has been chair of GERIONNE, the Dutch Society for Geriatric Oncology. Gerionne promotes geriatric oncology research, education and adaptations in clinical practice aimed to improve the treatment of older patients with cancer in the Netherlands.