Arti Hurria

United States (US)
Past President

Biographical Info
Leader in geriatric oncology. Born in Canarsie; Brooklyn; NY; USA; on Sept 7; 1970; she died in California; USA; on Nov 7; 2018; of injuries from a traffic accident; aged 48 years. When Arti Hurria was a child in New York City; NY; USA; her father; an orthopaedic surgeon; took her to his barber shop. The barber asked the little girl what she wanted to be when she grew up; but her father answered first: “She's going to be a doctor;” he said; according to an interview with Hurria for City of Hope. Although Hurria's mother; Kamla Hurria; a radiation oncologist; hated the hair styling; her father's boast proved accurate. Hurria went on to follow her parents in a career in medicine; training at Northwestern University in Chicago; IL; USA; and Harvard University in Boston; MA; USA. As a resident at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Hurria recognised that although oncology and geriatrics were established specialties; her own programme did not offer training in geriatric oncology—a gap she set out to fill. Hurria petitioned the institution to create a geriatric oncology programme for her. After finishing her geriatrics training; she left Beth Israel for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City; where she did a fellowship in oncology. In 2006; Hurria accepted a position as the director of the newly created Center for Cancer and Aging at City of Hope; a cancer hospital in Duarte; CA; USA. In 2017; she became City of Hope's Vice Provost for clinical faculty and worked on diversity issues. She was also the George Tsai Family Chair in Geriatric Oncology there. Hurria received several awards during her career; including the Frederick Stenn Memorial Award for Humanism in Medicine and the Paul Calabresi and B J Kennedy Awards for excellence in the field of geriatric oncology.