SIOG 2018 Networking dinner


The SIOG 2018 Networking dinner will take place at the Van Puffelen restaurant on Saturday, November 17, 2018 from 19:30-22:30. The voucher for the dinner will be handed out with the delegate package for those who have ordered it. Additional vouchers can be purchased at the registration desk until maximum capacity is reached - do not miss out on what promises to be a fantastic evening once again. Meet in front of the Conference entrance, RAI E entrance, at 19:30 to be guided to the nearby peer where you will embark on your boat tour on Amsterdam’s canals leading to the dinner venue.

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SIOG 2018 Opening address


08:32-08:30 - Opening address by SIOG President - Stuart Lichtman (US)08:30-08:40 - Scientific programme overview by the Chair of SIOG 2018 Annual Conference - Pierre Soubeyran (FR)08:40-08:45 - Welcome address by National Host - Johanna Portielje (NL)08:45-09:00 - Special address - Pratap Singhasivanon (TH)

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SIOG Guidelines update 2018


Chairs: Martine Extermann (US), Tanya Wildes (US) 15:30-15:50 - Corticosteroid therapy in the elderly cancer patient: Expert recommendations from SIOG - Rupert Bartsch (AT)15:50-16:30 - Treatment of acute promyelocytic leukaemia in older patients: recommendations of a SIOG Task Force - Heidi Klepin (US)16:30-16:45 - Discussion and questions

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Emerging technologies in diagnosis and care


Chairs: Esther Bastiaannet (NL), Ishwaria Subbiah (US)14:00-14:15 - Non-invasive precision medicine (liquid biopsies) - Romain Corre (FR)14:15-14:30 - E-health:monitoring through webased tools for patient management - Armin Sharhokni (US)14:30-14:45 - Prognostic models for older adults in breast cancer - Nienke de Glas (NL)14:45-14:55 - E-health: Increasing young professionals and scientists’ interest in GO with new informatics resources - Tina Hsu (CA)14:55-15:05 - Big data: observational research in geriatric oncology? - Esther Bastiaannet (NL)15:05-15:15 - Predictive models for older patients in colorectal cancer - Daniël Souwer (NL)15:15-15:30 - Discussion and questions

Emerging technologies in diagnosis and care2018-08-07T15:27:00+02:00

Oral abstract session: Geriatric assessment, nursing/allied health and patient care


Chairs: Beatriz Korc-Grodzicki (US), Johanna Portielje (NL)14:00-14:12 - O21: Relationship between polypharmacy status and healthcare utilization in geriatric oncology patients undergoing chemotherapy - SIOG Nursing & Allied Health Investigator Award finalist - Grace Lu-Yao (US)14:12-14:15 - Discussion and questions14:15-14:27 - O22: External validation of a geriatric assessment based prognostic nomogram for elderly patients with cancer - Ravindran Kanesvaran (SG)14:27-14:30 - Discussion and questions14:30-14:42 - O23: Improving caregiver satisfaction with communication using geriatric assessment: A university of Rochester NCI community oncology research program (NCORP) cluster randomized controlled trial (CRCT) - Supriya Mohile (US)14:42-14:45 - Discussion and questions14:45-14:57 - O24: Impact of a specific multidisciplinary geriatric oncology clinical pathway on patient functioning and quality of life - Franck Cornelis (BE)14:57-15:00 - Discussion and questions15:00-15:12 - O25: Unplanned readmissions in older patients with cancer: a multicenter prospective cohort study in Belgium focusing on incidence and risk factors - SIOG Nursing & Allied Health [...]

Oral abstract session: Geriatric assessment, nursing/allied health and patient care2018-08-07T15:22:00+02:00

Young SIOG General assembly


Chairs: Nienke de Glas (NL), Nicolò Matteo Luca Battisti (IT)Young SIOG is a SIOG Interest Group that reaches out to all young clinicians and researchers who work in all disciplines that deal with cancer in older patients. In this Young SIOG session ongoing and future projects of the group will be discussed. Members will get the opportunity to give feedback and to bring new ideas to the group.

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