Chairs: Beatriz Korc-Grodzicki (US), Johanna Portielje (NL)

14:00-14:12 – O21: Relationship between polypharmacy status and healthcare utilization in geriatric oncology patients undergoing chemotherapy – SIOG Nursing & Allied Health Investigator Award finalistGrace Lu-Yao (US)
14:12-14:15 – Discussion and questions
14:15-14:27 – O22: External validation of a geriatric assessment based prognostic nomogram for elderly patients with cancer – Ravindran Kanesvaran (SG)
14:27-14:30 – Discussion and questions
14:30-14:42 – O23: Improving caregiver satisfaction with communication using geriatric assessment: A university of Rochester NCI community oncology research program (NCORP) cluster randomized controlled trial (CRCT) – Supriya Mohile (US)
14:42-14:45 – Discussion and questions
14:45-14:57 – O24: Impact of a specific multidisciplinary geriatric oncology clinical pathway on patient functioning and quality of life – Franck Cornelis (BE)
14:57-15:00 – Discussion and questions
15:00-15:12 – O25: Unplanned readmissions in older patients with cancer: a multicenter prospective cohort study in Belgium focusing on incidence and risk factors – SIOG Nursing & Allied Health Investigator Award finalistCindy Kenis (BE)
15:12-15:15 – Discussion and questions
15:15-15:27 – O26: Evaluating long-term frailty in elderly who survived oncologic surgery – Suzanne Stockmans (NL)
15:27-15:30 – Discussion and questions