According to the World Health Organisation, the number of people over 60 years is set to double by 2050. Whilst cancer care for elderly patients features prominently on the international agenda, geriatric oncology guidelines are still scare including an under representation of elderly in cancer trials. In the years to come, this may be exacerbated by unprepared health systems characterised by a shortage of skilled personnel to address geriatric care in oncology resulting in under treatment or over treatment of aged populations with cancer.

A major impediment to health systems in many countries is the insufficient investment and consequently meagre availability of educational resources and trainings in the strengthening of human resources for health (HRH).SIOG ensures that we support the highest standards of care by providing specialised comprehensive scientific information and rigorous continuing education, trainings and courses.Geriatric Oncology is a multidisciplinary area of the public health environment, and it is developing at a rapid pace. SIOG’s international multidisciplinary faculty and experts offer the support to health systems strengthening.

SIOG has multi-disciplinary faculty of over 300 geriatric oncology experts covering numerous cancer-related areas. SIOG’s Journal of Geriatric Oncology, and our collaboration with highly and well-known cancer educational organisations allows us to produces scientific and educational resources, guidelines and tools that help strengthen the geriatric oncology workforce development. Our constantly updated scientific resources cover a full spectrum of relevant topics. SIOG education handbooks on geriatric oncology and online e-learning modules are tailored closely to the needs of national and regional contexts .

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