SIOG is keen to hear from institutions who would be interested in hosting our Annual Conference, with the deadline for proposals being March 31, 2022.

We hope that you consider a bid to host the SIOG Annual Conference in 2025. However, if another year would be more appropriate, please feel free to start planning now to bid on a future occasion. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Jennifer Díaz, SIOG Events Coordinator at We have a dedicated Team in the SIOG office who can assist with any queries you might have if you are considering putting a bid together. Expressions of interest should be no more than two pages in length. Only completed applications will be reviewed by the SIOG Executive Committee.

Each year SIOG holds its Annual Conference in different countries. The SIOG Annual Conference constitutes an essential part of SIOG’s international efforts in advancing Geriatric Oncology. SIOG selects the countries in which it will hold its Annual Conference. Proposals are solicited from institutions interested in hosting the Conference. These institutions must have the support of a SIOG member. SIOG evaluates the proposals and selects the host. Regional/ Country support is an important consideration. Proposals may be submitted by e-mail to by March 31, 2022.

The host is not responsible for the provision or cost of any services not listed in this specification document.  The host should disclose to SIOG any local laws or customs which might conflict with this specification. Elements such as convenience to international airports, personal safety of meeting participants, meeting space and its capacity (~600 pax including one plenary and break out rooms), network infrastructure, and ability of local hosts to meet their financial responsibilities will be considered by SIOG in making its selection. Local hosts must document in the proposal how their financial obligations will be funded. SIOG will consider all elements of a proposal in making its decision but will pay special attention to the provision of basic/minimum requirements as specified in this document.

The local host will be responsible for the following items:

  • Assisting SIOG in locating a suitable and affordable venue for 4 days during October or November 2025
  • Assisting in sponsorship and local outreach (support from the city/state/country/industry)
  • Locating vendors to provide required services
  • Planning, hosting and financial support for networking event
  • Assisting with immigration and customs problems of SIOG meeting participants

SIOG will assume financial responsibility for the conference costs, the technical specifications, and the audio-visual requirements. The local host is asked to provide assistance to SIOG with regard to obtaining local support in the form of sponsorship and outreach.

Local hosts may solicit local/national sponsors to meet their financial responsibilities. They must, however, submit the names of their sponsors to SIOG to ensure that the mission and activities of sponsors does not conflict with SIOG policies. SIOG will be accepting sponsorship from traditional SIOG stakeholders to offset the conference expenses for which SIOG is responsible. Inquiries regarding sponsorship from SIOG stakeholders should be referred to the SIOG conference organisers.

SIOG encourages participation of the local community in the SIOG conference. Please detail your plans to achieve regional outreach to the local community to encourage attendance at the SIOG conference.

The creation of this specification does not create any obligation on SIOG to select the recipient or any applicant/host for an SIOG Annual Conference. SIOG’s selection will be based upon pricing, location, and other factors that may or may not be disclosed to the applicants. All decisions relating to the location and selection of hosts of any SIOG meeting remain at all times solely within SIOG’s discretion.


Additional Information


The notice of intent should be written in letter format, addressed to the SIOG Executive Committee on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and explain the LOC’s motivation and reasons for applying. It must elaborate on why the SIOG 2025 should be held in their nominated city/country and what benefits the location will bring to the Annual Conference.

In addition to the leter of intent, you are required to also attach a proposal bidding document.

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