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Young SIOG Interest Group

Young SIOG comprises of young clinicians and researchers, members of SIOG, working in the field of geriatric oncology. Young SIOG reaches out to all young clinicians and researchers who work in disciplines related to cancer in older patients.


Conditions of eligibility

  • Junior experts in the field of geriatric oncology (upper age limit is 40)
  • Working as a trainee in any discipline that is related to the treatment of older cancer patients (e.g. surgery, radiotherapy, medical oncology, urology, pulmonology, haematology) and / or PhD student, postdoctoral fellow or researcher

Membership Benefits


  • Be part of a network of young researchers and clinicians in the field of geriatric oncology, and actively contribute to the field of geriatric oncology.
  • Participate in the Young SIOG sessions of the SIOG Annual Conferences.
  • Submit an abstract for the Young SIOG Investigator Award session at the SIOG Annual Conferences.
  • Support SIOG in developing collaborations with similar interest groups within other cancer related societies (eg: ESMO, ASCO, etc)
  • Improve education and trainings for young researchers and clinicians in disciplines related to the treatment of older cancer patients.
  • Become part of a platform of young researchers in which international collaborations and mentorships with experienced researchers can be established.
  • Join the Young SIOG community through the LinkedIn Group  and Facebook Group . The group serves as a platform in which research proposals, clinical issues and other experiences can be discussed.
  • Participate in the annual survey among young SIOG members, in order to express your needs and communicate your ideas.
  • Contribute to regular communications and encourage senior SIOG members to invite their young associates to the SIOG Annual Conference (SIOG newsletters, e-mail blast, etc)
  • Strengthen the Young SIOG community and attend the Young SIOG networking event organized during the SIOG Annual Conference. 


Young SIOG Investigator Award

To promote research in the field of geriatric oncology and to support the career development of the new generation of experts, every year SIOG recognizes a Young Investigator for his/her outstanding work.

  • 2020 - no award
  • 2019 - Isacco Montroni (Italy)
  • 2018 - Lucy Dumas (UK)
  • 2017 - Melisa Wong (USA)
  • 2016 - Zachary Horne (USA)
  • 2015 - Cindy Kenis (Belgium)
  • 2014 - MJ Molina Garrido (Spain)