1) The involvement of any clinical activity for trainees: trainees could assist the process of making a geriatric assessment in older patients with cancer in our Consultation and could participate (if they want) in the process of including patients in research projects which were ongoing in our Consultation.
2) The availability of any funding: There is no funding.
3) The duration of the program: It takes just one day in a week (just Tuesday), during a maximum of two months.
4) The application process: Trainees should obtain the permission in their hospital and in “Docencia” in my hospital (by mail) before assisting the training period in our Consultation.
5) The possibility to accept international trainees: It is possible for me, but, perhaps, it could be very difficult for them as the activity is during just a day a week.
6) The contact person: Maria José Molina-Garrido (mjmolinagarrido@hotmail.com).
Website: http://www.hvluz.es/