The SIOG Geriatric Oncology Fellowship Programme aims to promote professional development, research and education in the field, connections between existing programmes and mentoring of young professionals.

Eligible candidates
Eligible candidates include PhD-students and trainees (during any year of training) and oncologists, nurses and allied health professionals within five years from completion of training.

UICC Fellowships

SIOG and UICC join forces to offer short-term international training opportunities in geriatric oncology
SIOG and UICC are offering individuals working in geriatric oncology the opportunity to learn valuable new skills and techniques in cancer control from leading experts through one month international visits. The UICC Technical Fellowships programme supports the international exchange of skills and knowledge with the aim of increasing workforce capacity in cancer control and increasing collaboration between organisations, with the ultimate goal of improving cancer prevention, treatment, and care. Through this partnership with SIOG, the programme hopes to build the capacity of health professionals to specifically address the needs of older adults with cancer, given the growing burden of cancer in this population. For more information on how to apply, please visit the UICC website, join the weekly Q&A zoom call at 14:00 CET or contact

Clinical Fellowships

Activities: Observership/clinical attachment aiming to improve knowledge in geriatric oncology and to facilitate its implementation in the Institution of origin
Duration: 1-3 months

Research Fellowships

Activities: Research projects (retrospective and prospective protocols, epidemiology, laboratory research) aiming to improve care for older cancer patients.
Duration: 2-6 months