Elisabeth Quoix


Biographical Info
Department of Pneumonology, University Hospital of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France Elisabeth Quoix is Professor of Pneumonology in the Department of Chest Diseases of the University Hospital of Strasbourg. Her clinical work focuses on the diagnosis and management of lung cancer, including the use of chemotherapy. She was a resident at the Strasbourg University hospital (1976–1980) and received her medical degree from Strasbourg, Louis Pasteur University in 1980, after which she became “Chef de Clinique-Assistant des Hôpitaux” until 1984. She then spent several months at the McGill Cancer Center of Montreal (Quebec, Canada) as a research assistant, where she participated in research on the design and methodology of clinical trials, including the impact of biases and assessment of response. In 1985 she was appointed “Praticien Hospitalier” at the University Hospital of Strasbourg, and was nominated as a Professor in 1990. She was Head of the Department of Pneumology until 1st September 2018 when she became "Consultante" in the University Hospital of Strasbourg. Dr Quoix was the secretary of the “Groupe d’Oncologie Thoracique” of the French Society of Pneumonology (1992–1995) and was the first President of the IFCT (French Intergroup of Thoracic Oncology) from its creation in 1999 until 2006. She is a now Past-President and the secretary of the Scientific Council of the IFCT. Dr Quoix is currently involved as an investigator or coordinator in several academic trials investigating treatment strategies in lung cancer, through IFCT, with a special focus on elderly patients as well as in a number of early phase trials of novel agents for lung cancer, with pharmaceutical industry sponsorship. She is also involved in epidemiological studies of the implementation of “state of the art” techniques of diagnosis and treatment among the general population of patients with lung cancer. Dr Quoix is the author or co-author of more than 275 peer-reviewed papers, mainly in the field of lung cancer. She had contributed to several textbooks on the subject of pneumonology and lung cancer.