Rabia Boulahssass


Biographical Info
Rabia Boulahssass is a geriatrician at the teaching hospital of Nice. Since 2012, she has been focusing on geriatric assessment in older adults with cancer with a strong partnership with the Lacassagne Cancer Center in Nice, France. In 2012, She set up the PACA EST Coordination Unit in Geriatric Oncology with Pr Olivier Guerin (Teaching hospital of Nice, Geratric department) and Dr Eric Francois (Centre Antoine Lacassagne, Cancer center of Nice). The unit was created in order to improve care, research and teaching in the elderly population with the support of the French National Institute of Cancer. She is the principal investigator or the PACA EST cohort (n>5100 patients), this multicentre prospective cohort is dedicated to observe older patients with cancer in the French Riviera. Her main research interests are prediction of early death, geriatric assessment, geriatric interventions and quality of life. Since 2017, She is the general secretary of the SOFOG (French National Society of Geriatric Oncology). Dr Boulahssass is the National Representative for France for the SIOG (International Society of Geriatric Oncology). National Representatives act as ambassadors of SIOG's mission, sharing the same values and pursuing the same objectives, in the joint effort to promote progress and innovation in geriatric oncology. She is a Copil Member of GERICO (French National research group for geriatric oncology / UNICANCER) and of PACAN (French methodological platform for research in geriatric oncology). She participates to the scientific committee of the SOFOG (French National Society of Geriatric Oncology) and the ASRO research group (which promote the research in geriatric oncology in the southeast of France). She is at the head of the geriatric ethical committee of the teaching hospital of Nice. In 2016, she joined the hospital federation for research OncoAge drived by Pr Paul Hofman.