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Radiotherapy in the Elderly Task Force

The objective of this taskforce is to edict recommendations concernig the use of radiotherapy in elderly patients suffering from cancer in various sites: breast, urology, head and neck, lung upper and lower GI, central nervous system, gynaecology, lymphomas. Use of advanced radiotherapy techniques, fractionation, palliation and brachytherapy will be discussed as appropriate.

Task Force Members

Chair: Ian Kunkler, UK
Yazid Belkacemi, France
Michael Betz, Switzerland
Elizabeth Gore, USA 
Sarah Hoffe, USA
Youlia Kirova, France
Peter Koper, Netherlands
Jean-Léon Lagrange, France
Athina Markouizou, Greece
David Morgan, UK
Raphael Pfeffer, Israel
Jacqueline Pomp, France
Salvador Villa, Spain


Review of current best practice and priorities for research in radiation oncology for elderly patients with cancer
: the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) task force. Kunkler IH, Audisio R, Belkacemi Y, Betz M, Gore E, Hoffe S, Kirova Y, Koper P, Lagrange JL, Markouizou A, Pfeffer R, Villa S; On behalf of the SIOG Radiotherapy Task Force. Ann Oncol. 2014 Mar 13.