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Nursing and Allied Health Interest Group

SIOG Nursing & Allied Health is a SIOG Interest Group that was recently established by nurses and allied health professionals, members of SIOG, who are working in the field of geriatric oncology. The SIOG Nurses & Allied Health Interest Group reaches out to all nurses and allied health professionals who work in all disciplines that deal with cancer in older patients.

For whom?

SIOG Nursing & Allied Health is a SIOG interest group and targets SIOG members who are:
- Nurses
- Allied Health professionals

Goals of SIOG Nursing & Allied Health

The Nursing & Allied Health interest group shall develop and promote in accordance with the SIOG policies and strategy determined by the Board of Directors, excellence in geriatric oncology nursing through the SIOG strategic directions: education/clinical practice, research and advocacy/communication. It shall oversee the nursing-related activities included in all SIOG scientific, educational and advocacy related projects. In view of applying the multidisciplinary approach of the society and in line with SIOG 3 strategic directions, the SIOG Nursing & Allied Health Working Group has developed a strategic plan for the next years:

1. Education & Clinical Practice: to improve knowledge, expertise, practice and personal development in geriatric oncology nursing
2. Communication & Advocacy: to listen, inform and represent the geriatric oncology nursing community and views on the international scene
3. Research: to help promote evidence-based geriatric oncology nursing research

The aim of this permanent interest group is:

- to provide a forum for nurses and allied health to collaborate, share challenges and concerns, and identify areas of interest,
- to help identify topics of interest for future SIOG conferences,
- to provide exposure of nurses to SIOG expert nurses.

Interest Group Leadership 2016-2018

Cindy Kenis (Belgium) - Chair
Petra Stolz Baskett (New Zealand) - Vice-Chair
Peggy Sue Burhenn (USA) - Member
Karis Cheng (Singapore) - Member
Ginah Nightingale (USA) - Member
Martine Puts (Canada) - Member
Laurence Verhagen (Switzerland), ex-officio – non-voting - as SIOG Chief Executive Officer




Join the SIOG Nursing & Allied Health (NAH) interest group and participate in its 2017 and future activities …
  • Contribute and attend the SIOG Annual Conference in November 2017 in Warsaw, Poland and encourage colleagues to participate and attend the SIOG Annual Conference (special lower fee for nurses and allied health profesionals applies).
  • Be a candidate for the SIOG Nurisng & Allied Health investigators award: the award is offered to recognize significant contributions from new investigators in geriatric oncology nursing or allied health professions at international level since 2014. Selection for this award is based on the scientific merit of submitted abstracts by nurses and other allied health professionals for their work in the field of geriatric oncology.
  • Participate in future SIOG task forces where your expertise might be needed. Check with the SIOG NAH Interest Group leadership for further info.
  • Support us in developing a collaboration with similar interest groups within other cancer related societies.
  • Support and share ideas regarding the opportunity to work closely with other internationals societies, eg. at their conferences
  • Don't forget to join us on Facebook and contribute to our regular communications!
  • Contact the SIOG NAH Interest Group leadership with your ideas or for more information by sending an email through the Head Office (