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Colorectal Cancer in the Elderly Task Force

The International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) set up a Task Force on Colorectal Cancer in the Elderly back in 2006 and had its 1st meeting in Paris in September of that year. The aim was to review the available evidence and arrive at appropriate recommendations regarding the management of this group of patients. This meeting culminated in a publication in the Annals of Oncology in 2009.

Since then, there has been quite significant activity with important studies (quite often elderly specific), as well as subsequent publications relating both to the adjuvant as well as metastatic setting. In view of these developments another such meeting of the Task Force took place last April 15 in Paris, where all relevant new data were presented and discussed by a top experts in the fields.

Task Force Members

Chair: Demetris Papamichael, Cyprus
Matti Aapro, Switzerland
Riccardo Audisio, UK
Bengt Glimelius, Sweden
Robert Glynne-Jones, UK
Aimery de Gramont, France
Daniel Haller, USA
Claus-Henning Köhne, Germany
Siri Kristjansson, Norway
Valery Lemmens, Netherlands
Emmanuel Mitry, France
Harm Rutten, Netherlands
Daniel Sargent, USA
Javier Sastre, Spain
Matt Seymour, UK
Naureen Starling, UK
Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium


Treatment of colorectal cancer in older patients: International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) consensus recommendations 2013
. D. Papamichael, R. A. Audisio, B. Glimelius, A. de Gramont, R. Glynne-Jones, D. Haller, C.-H. Köhne, S. Rostoft, V. Lemmens, E. Mitry, H. Rutten, D. Sargent, J. Sastre, M. Seymour, N. Starling, E. Van Cutsem & M. Aapro. Ann Oncol. 2014 Jul 11. pii: mdu253.

This project was supported by an unrestricted grant from Roche.

Treatment of the elderly colorectal cancer patient:
SIOG expert recommendations. Papamichael D, et al. Ann Oncol 2009; 20: 5-16

This project was supported by an unrestricted grant from Pfizer.