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Anaesthesia in the Elderly Task Force

The increasing number of older cancer patients seen in daily practice demands reflection on how to optimize their care during the perioperative period. Optimally tailored surgical management, at present the most successful cancer treatment, firmly rests on an accurate and careful anesthesiological management.
The unique peculiarities of anesthesia in older cancer patients prompted the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) to put together a panel of international experts with the aim of reviewing the literature and drafting a consensus document.

Task Force members

Riccardo Audisio, UK
MPW Grocott, UK
S Jack, UK
Siri Rostoft Kristjansson, Norway
S Mercadante, Italy
Maren Schmidt, Germany
JH Silverstein, USA
C Spies, Germany
BTH Veering, Netherlands
AAL Vigano, Canada
HL Watt  Canada
Malcom West, UK
A Zaniboni, Italy


Perioperative care of elderly oncology patient:
A report from the SIOG task force on the perioperative care of older patients with cancer. Kristjansson SR, Spies C, Veering BTH, et al. J Ger Oncol 2012;3:147-62