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Vasco Fonseca (PT)

Department of Medical Oncology, Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Ocidental, Lisbon, Portugal

Vasco Carvalho Lourenço da Fonseca is a Medical Oncologist. Consultant in Medical Oncology at the Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Ocidental’s Oncology Unit (CHLO), at the Maria José Nogueira Pinto Palliative Care Unit and for the Portuguese National Military Forces. Author of the clinical Breast and neoadjuvant Breast cancer treatment protocol of the CHLO. Member of the Directive Board of the Association of breast cancer patients, “Unidas para Vencer”. Invited Speaker in International Conferences on Cancer (USA and EU). Main Author of the pending trial ID: NCT03111615, HOrmone Therapy Immediately After Histological Diagnosis of Breast Cancer (HOTBreast). Main Researcher in a project aiming to improve early cancer diagnosis (melanoma) by connecting primary health care units and oncology centres.

November 16, 2018
10:30am to 12:00pm Localised tumours in vulnerable older adults: choosing the best treatment Forum room Havaleh Gagne (CA), Julien Garnon (FR), Johanna Portielje (NL), Vasco Fonseca (PT), Shaista Hafeez (GB), Ana Pais (PT), Charles Kelly (GB)