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Martine Puts (CA)

University of Toronto, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, Toronto, Canada

Since 2009 Martine has been working at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. Her research interests are the health and well-being of frail older adults and older adults with cancer, in particular to examine if the use of geriatric assessment for older adults with cancer can improve patient outcomes such as quality of life, and to better understand the impact of frailty and multimorbidity on cancer treatment decision-making for older adults with cancer.

November 11, 2017
8:00am to 9:00am Plenary session: Hot topics in geriatric oncology Warsaw IV & V Beatriz Korc-Grodzicki (US), Cindy Kenis (BE), Martine Puts (CA), Chris Plummer (GB), Carla Ripamonti (IT)
2:00pm to 3:30pm Geriatric assessment in practice Warsaw IV & V Martine Puts (CA), Hans Wildiers (BE), Philippe Caillet (FR), Marije Hamaker (NL), Giuseppe Colloca (IT)