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Ellen Kapiteijn (NL)

LUMC, Leiden, Netherlands

Dr. Ellen Kapiteijn is medical oncologist in the LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands. The tumor types which she treats most are (uveal) melanoma, colorectal cancer and thyroid cancer. In metastasized melanoma, immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors is currently a main treatment option. Both young and old patients can respond to this treatment, but better selection is still needed to identify patients who will respond. Furthermore, Dr. Kapiteijn leads and participates in research groups for (uveal) melanoma, colorectal cancer, thyroid cancer and geriatric oncology.

November 17, 2018
8:30am to 9:30am Plenary session: Geriatric oncology: Hot topics Forum room Stuart Lichtman (US), Johanna Portielje (NL), Marije Hamaker (NL), Ellen Kapiteijn (NL), Sébastien Moine (FR)