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SIOG - ASCO: Education resources

SIOG and ASCO members collaborate to advance the field of geriatric oncology worldwide. The ASCO geriatric oncology curriculum was reviewed by SIOG members for advice on ways to optimize the curriculum for the international geriatric oncology community.

The ASCO Leadership Development Program is seeking to identify high-impact opportunities to advance the field of geriatric oncology. As a part of this effort, SIOG members are being surveyed to provide advice. ASCO and SIOG are mutually committed to teaching, education, and research that improves cancer care of older patients worldwide.  

Cancer.Net: Doctor-Approved Patient Information from ASCO

SIOG 2020: New Research in Caring for and Treating People With Cancer Age 60 or Older
The International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) 2020 Annual Meeting Online was held virtually on October 1. In this podcast, William Dale, MD, PhD, discusses 5 studies evaluating potentially better approaches to caring for and treating people with cancer who are 60 or older.

ASCO Geriatric Oncology Resources on ASCO University

The ASCO Geriatric Oncology Curriculum includes a review of core principles relating to the care of older patients with cancer. The content enhances the understanding of some of the unique issues relating to the care of older patients including current cancer and aging trends, the physiological aspects of aging, assessment of the older cancer patient, and pharmacological considerations. Each of the tumor-specific modules includes case-based, patient scenarios that are most prevalent.

Journal of Clinical Oncology

ASCO’s premiere journal has a section dedicated to education and research in geriatric oncology. This resource is closely monitored to ensure that the most relevant and up-to-date manuscripts are accessible. To review the geriatric oncology manuscripts, visit JCO.

Cancer in Older Adults

Visit to access educational resources dedicated to the treatment of older adults with cancer. This site provides an overview of cancer in older people, including aging and cancer and the unique issues of being an older person with cancer. Other topics include clinical trials, co-existing conditions, health assessment, patient resources, and cancer in daily life.