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161 participants from 14 different countries attended the 2nd SIOG Asia Pacific Conference on July 12-13, 2014 in Singapore.

SIOG APAC 2014 Programme Committee

Ravindran Kanesvaran (Singapore Geriatric Oncology Society), Singapore
Arti Hurria - Programme Chair (City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, Dir. Cancer and Aging Research Programme, Duarte, CA) USA
Beena Devi
, Malaysia
Christopher Steer (Border Medical Oncology, Wodonga), Australia
Laurence Verhagen (SIOG Chief Executive Officer), Switzerland

SIOG APAC 2014 Local Organizing Committee

Ravindran Kanesvaran (Singapore Geriatric Oncology Society), Singapore
Anupama Roy Chowdhury (Secretary SGOS), Singapore
Tanujaa Rajasekaran (Treasurer SGOS), Singapore
Tira Tan Jing Ying (Committee Member SGOS), Singapore

SIOG APAC 2014 programme

The final programme can be downloaded here.

SIOG APAC 2014 photos

The photos taken during this conference can be seen here

SIOG APAC 2014 asbtract book

The SIOG 2014 APAC abstract book is now available here.

SIOG APAC 2014 Awards

Young SIOG APAC 2014 Investigator Award was given to Pande Prayudi (Indonesia) - Histology and Biologic Profile of Breast Cancer in Elderly of Balinese Population.
SIOG APAC 2014 Best Poster was given to Hee Wong Jung (Korea) - Effect of muscle mass on toxicity and survival in patients with colon cancer undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy



Academia - Singapore General Hospital campus
Address: 20 College Rd, Singapore 169856
Tel: +65 6321 4851
Academia, an iconic landmark on SGH Campus, houses SGH’s Pathology services as well as SingHealth’s research laboratories, education and training facilities. The new building offers a more conducive environment for greater synergies in pathology, medical research and education to raise the benchmarks for better healthcare. Located within the vicinity of the clinical services at SGH Campus and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, the Academia is a key milestone in academic medicine with a vibrant environment for networking and professional collaborations to advance diagnosis, treatment and innovative care for patients.
This venue was chosen by SIOG to hold its 2nd Asia Pacific Conference to represent the multidisciplinary approach that is required when educating all heath professionals involved in treating and caring older patients with cancer.

Saturday 12 July

Opening Ceremony
Opening Address - Guest of Honor: Khee Chee Soo (Singapore) PDF iconAPAC2014_opening_address.pdf

The relevance of geriatric oncology?
The facts & needs for a multidisciplinary approach - Arti Hurria (USA) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres_1.pdf
Regional/national perspectives - Ravindran Kanesvaran (Singapore) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres_2.pdf
Advance in the field - Matti Aapro (Switzerland) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres3.pdf
How to integrate geriatrics in oncology care - William Dale (USA) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres4.pdf

Geriatric Assessment in the older adult with cancer
Geriatric assessment - SIOG Guidelines - Hans Wildiers (Belgium) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres5.pdf
Chemotherapy & toxicity assessment - Arti Hurria (USA) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres6.pdf
Nursing perspectives about elderly patient - Karis Cheng (Singapore) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres7.pdf
Specific problems in surgery in the elderly - Tan Kok Yang (Singapore) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres8.pdf
Specific problems in radio oncology in the elderly - Beena Devi (Malaysia) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres9.pdf

Industry satellite 1
Targeted therapy in elderly renal cell carcinoma patients - Ravindran Kanesvaran (Singapore)PDF iconAPAC2014_satellite1.pdf

Breast Cancer in older adults
Breast cancer in older adults - Matti Aapro (Switzerland) & Tan Sin Huang (Singapore) presentation not available
SIOG guidelines for breast cancer treatment - Matti Aapro (Switzerland) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres10.pdf
Adjuvant chemotherapy in older breast cancer patients: how to decide? - Hans Wildiers (Belgium) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres11.pdf
Cardiac toxicity in breast cancer - Vivianne Shih (Singapore)
Asian perspectives - Tan Sin Huang (Singapore) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres13.pdf
Histology and biologic profile of breast cancer in elderly of Balinese population - Pande Kadek Aditya Prayudi (Indonesia) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres14.pdf

Socio economic issues in geriatric oncology
Communicating treatment options to older patients: challenges & opportunities - Arti Hurria (USA) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres15.pdf
Clinical trials: Asia Issues - David Tai (Singapore) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres16.pdf
Spiritual aspects of the complexity of older patients - Beena Devi (Malaysia) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres17.pdf

Sunday 13 July

Supportive care for the older adult with cancer
Screening for supportive care in older adults with cancer - an overview - Christopher Steer (Australia) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres1.1.pdf
Antiemetics & febral neutropenia - Matti Aapro (Switzerland) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres1.2.pdf
International geriatric perspectives - William Dale (USA) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres1.3.pdf
Asia geriatric perspectives - Alexandre Chan (Singapore) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres1.4.pdf

Lung cancer in older adults
Lung cancer in older adults - what is optimal therapy (chemotherapy and targeted therapies)? - Christopher Steer (Australia) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres2.1.pdf
Radiation therapy side effects in elderly - Daniel Tan Yat Harn (Singapore) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres2.2.pdf
Challenging cases - Christopher Steer (Australia) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres2.3.pdf

Prostate Cancer in older men
PSA: to screen or not to screen - William Dale (USA) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres3.1.pdf
Advanced prostate cancer in elderly men - Matti Aapro (Switzerland) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres3.2.pdf
Asia perspectives: the current Japanese situation of prostate cancer - Hiroaki Aoki (Japan) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres3.3.pdf

Industry Satellite 1
Incorporating biologics in the management of older patients with metastatic colorectal cancer - Demetris Papamichael (Cyprus) PDF iconAPAC2014_satellite1.2.pdf

Industry Satellite 2
Who, why and how in personalized therapy of advanced lung cancer - Tan Yew Oo (Singapore) PDF iconAPAC2014_satellite2.1.pdf
AstraZeneca Open innovation platform - Ong Jun Jie (Singapore) PDF iconAPAC2014_satellite2.2.pdf

Colon/GI cancers in older adults
SIOG guidelines - Demetris Papamichael (Cyprus) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres4.1.pdf
Chemotherapy in older colorectal cancer patient - Iain Tan (Singapore) presentation not available
Gastric and upper GI cancers in older patients -  Choo Su-Pin (Singapore) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres4.3.pdf
Challenging cases from Cyprus & Singapore PDF iconAPAC2014_pres4.4.pdf

Closing Ceremony
Closing ceremony - Arti Hurria (USA) PDF iconAPAC2014_pres5.pdfAPAC2014_pres5.pdfAPAC2014_pres5.pdfAPAC2014_pres5.pdf