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"Geriatric Oncology: Cancer in Senior Adults"

October 25-27, 2012
Manchester Central Convention Complex
Manchester, United Kingdom

Conference Chair

Riccardo Audisio (Liverpool, UK)

Scientific & organizing committe

Matti Aapro, MD
Riccardo Audisio, MD, FRCS
Etienne Brain, MD, PhD
Beena Devi M D, MMed
Martine Extermann, MD, PhD
Margot Gosney, MD
Arti Hurria, MD

SIOG 2012 programme

The SIOG 2012 final programme is available. PDF iconSIOG 2012 programme (pdf)

SIOG 2012 photos

Have a glance at what happened in Manchester by viewing selected photos taken during the SIOG 2012 Annual Conference. 

SIOG 2012 Online abstract book

The Abstract Book for SIOG 2012 is published as a supplement to the society’s official journal, the Journal of Geriatric Oncology. To gain access to the abstracts book, please click here.

SIOG 2012 In the media

Medscape articles
SIOG 2012 Manchester, UK: Radiation, Not Surgery, for Skin Cancer in Older Patients, Medscape Medical News, November 2, 2012 - full article from Zosia Chustecka, Medscape
SIOG 2012 Manchester, UK: UK Strives to Improve Care of Older Cancer Patients, Medscape Medical News, November 1, 2012 - full article from Zosia Chustecka, Medscape
SIOG 2012 Manchester, UK: Coordinating Care for the Older Patient with Cancer, Medscape Medical News, October 30, 2012 - full article from Zosia Chustecka, Medscape
SIOG 2012 Manchester, UK: Older Patients With Cancer Need Geriatric Assessment, Medscape Medical News, October 29, 2012 - full article from Zosia Chustecka, Medscape

SIOG 2012 award

The 2012 Calabresi Award was presented to Prof. Pierre Soubeyran, Institut Bergonié, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Bordeaux, FRANCE
This prize recognises an individual who has significantly contributed to the advancement of geriatric oncology. PDF iconSIOG 2012 Calabresi Award presentation (pdf)

Friday, October 26

Introduction & Welcome
R. Audisio PDF iconSIOG 2012 welcome.pdf

Updates Session
B. van Leeuwen - Surgery PDF iconSIOG 2012 van_leeuwen.pdf
S. Kristjansson - Geriatrics PDF iconSIOG 2012 kristjansson.pdf
E. Brain - Medical oncology PDF iconSIOG 2012 brain.pdf
I. Kunkler - Radiation oncology PDF iconSIOG 2012 kunkler.pdf
A. Begue - Nursing PDF iconSIOG 2012 begue.pdf

Sanofi - Prostate Satellite Symposium
M. Aapro - Optimizing the management of older men with prostate cancer: call to action PDF iconSIOG 2012 satellite session Sanofi aapro.pdf
S. Joniau - Radical prostatectomy for older men with localized prostate cancer PDF iconSIOG 2012 satellite session Sanofi joniau.pdf
S. Hughes - Radiation therapy for older men with localized prostate cancer PDF iconSIOG 2012 satellite session Sanofi hughes.pdf
M. Aapro - Management of advanced prostate cancer in older men: the new landscape and concluding remarks PDF iconSIOG 2012 satellite session Sanofi aapro 2.pdf

Treating People with Dementia
T. Robinson - A geriatrician working in a breast clinic PDF iconSIOG 2012 robinson.pdf
L. Solomons - Cancer and chemotherapy in patients with dementia PDF iconSIOG 2012 solomons.pdf
J. George - Cancer treatment and the risk of delirium PDF iconSIOG 2012 george.pdf
M. Gosney - Ensuring a safe treatment: general principles/nurse input PDF iconSIOG 2012 gosney.pdf

M. Janssen - Epidemiology of melanoma in older patients PDF iconSIOG 2012 janssen-heijnen.pdf
A. Ring - UK Cancer Registry Data PDF iconSIOG 2012 ring.pdf
P. Lorigan – Targeted therapy PDF iconSIOG 2012 lorigan.pdf
J. Larkin - Trials in elderly melanoma patients PDF iconSIOG 2012 larkin.pdf

Selecting the Best Treatment for Older Lung Cancer Patients (Round Table)
M. Jaklitsch - Lung cancer screening in high risk populations PDF iconSIOG 2012 jaklitisch.pdf
C. Faivre-Finn - Stage III NSCLC: evidence-based RT for older patients? PDF iconSIOG 2012 faivre-finnt.pdf
Y. J. Summers - Systemic treatment for elderly patients with NSCLC – what is the evidence? PDF iconSIOG 2012 summers.pdf

Proffered paper session 1
K-L. Cheung - Biological characteristics of triple negative early operable primary breast cancer in older women in comparison with their younger counterparts PDF iconSIOG 2012 cheung.pdf
K. Clough-Gorr - Breast cancer survivors: A comprehensive examination of multiple primary malignancies (MPM) comparing risk in younger and older women over 20 years of follow-up PDF iconSIOG 2012 clough-gorr.pdf
R. Ferdinand - Appetite for risk in an international comparative survey of older consumers of oncology services PDF iconSIOG 2012 ferdinand.pdf
C. Kenis - Predicting decline in functionality and chemotherapy toxicity: a prospective multicentre study PDF iconSIOG 2012 kenis.pdf

Pain Management on Older Cancer Patients
G. Gambassi - How to assess pain in a multi-morbid patient PDF iconSIOG 2012 gambassi.pdf
W. Gianni - What’s new in the pharmacological approach? PDF iconSIOG 2012 gianni.pdf
M. Routt - Nursing issues PDF iconSIOG 2012_routt.pdf

Caring for Carers
L. Balducci - Epidemiology of care giving to elderly cancer patients PDF iconSIOG 2012 balducci2.pdf
A. Surbone - Ethics of caregiving for elderly cancer patients PDF iconSIOG 2012 surbone.pdf
L. Repetto - Communication with elderly cancer patients & their caregivers PDF iconSIOG 2012 repetto.pdf
B. Hanratty - Funding health and social services for older people

Nurse Session
K. Cheng - Symptom assessment & management in GO PDF iconSIOG 2012 cheng.pdf
L. Sørbye - Spiritual care of the older oncology patients PDF iconSIOG 2012 sorbye.pdf
S. Joannette - Educating nurses new to geriatric oncology-sharing best practices
M. Clarkson - Making geriatric assessment concise and useful PDF iconSIOG 2012 clarkson.pdf

Nutritional Issues
P. Ravasco - Adjuvant nutritional support PDF iconSIOG 2012 ravasco.pdf

Saturday, October 27

Meet the Professors
A. Hurria & A. Naiem - Career Development in Geriatric Oncology – Publication, Promotion PDF iconSIOG 2012 hurria_naiem.pdf
C. Terret & M. Extermann - How to Implement CGA in Daily Practice PDF iconSIOG 2012 terret.pdf PDF iconSIOG 2012 extermann_case_presentation.pdf

Proffered Paper Session 2
M. Kiderlen - Impact of differences in treatment strategy on relative survival of elderly patients with operable, hormone receptor positive breast cancer PDF iconSIOG 2012 kiderlen.pdf
S. Sajid - A novel physical activity intervention using Wii-Fit in older prostate cancer patients on Androgen deprivation therapy: A RCT PDF iconSIOG 2012 sajid.pdf
C. Steer - Utilising existing community-based supportive care and aged care resources for older patients with cancer – updated results of the Care Coordination in the Older Adult with Cancer (CCOAC) project PDF iconSIOG 2012 steer.pdf

Muscle, Cancer and Aging
I. Gioulbasanis - Sarcopenia in cancer and aging: are the mechanisms the same? PDF iconSIOG 2012 gioulbasanis.pdf
J. Overcash - Falls in older cancer patients PDF iconSIOG 2012 overcash.pdf
H. Klepin - Reversing muscle loss: exercise PDF iconSIOG 2012 klepin.pdf
M. Extermann - Reversing muscle loss: pharmacologic interventions PDF iconSIOG 2012 extermann2.pdf

Haematological Malignancies
P. Fields - Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma PDF iconSIOG 2012 fields.pdf
U. Wedding - Multiple myeloma PDF iconSIOG 2012 wedding.pdf
A. Tucci - Palliative chemotherapy is not the best choice PDF iconSIOG 2012 tucci.pdf
L. Sørbye - Palliative care for acute leukemia patients PDF iconSIOG 2012 sorbye2.pdf

Geriatric Oncology Viewed Large
A. Young - Management of chemotherapy toxicities PDF iconSIOG 2012 young.pdf
K. Lavelle - Surgical treatment decisions for older patients; the influence of tumour characteristics, patient health and choice PDF iconSIOG 2012 lavelle.pdf
R. Teixeira - Developing geriatric oncology in low and middle income countries: what should we do first? PDF iconSIOG 2012 teixeira.pdf
S. Hussain - Developing geriatric oncology in low and middle income countries: what should we do first? PDF iconSIOG 2012 akram_hussain.pdf
C. Darby - Recent results from the Early Breast Cancer Trialists’ Collaborative Group Sarah PDF iconSIOG 2012 darby.pdf

CGA, Frailty, Interventions Updates
C. Kenis - Screening tools update PDF iconSIOG 2012 kenis2.pdf
S. Jack - CPEx in clinical practice PDF iconSIOG 2012 jack.pdf
P. Chaibi - Impact of oncogeriatric interventions on cancer treatment and outcomes PDF iconSIOG 2012 chaibi.pdf
D. Shipway - Improving outcomes in elective surgery PDF iconSIOG 2012 shipway.pdf

Pelvic Malignancies in Older Patients
M. Maffezzini - Surgical excision and reconstruction for bladder cancer PDF iconSIOG 2012 maffezzini.pdf
H. Boyle - New drugs for older patients? PDF iconSIOG 2012 boyle.pdf
R. Glynne-Jones - Radiotherapy for rectal cancer PDF iconSIOG 2012_glynne-jones.pdf
S. Lichtman - Ovarian cancer PDF iconSIOG 2012 lichtman.pdf

Reports from SIOG Task Forces
F. Bozzetti - Nutrition PDF iconSIOG 2012 bozzetti.pdf
M. Schmidt - Anaesthesiology PDF iconSIOG 2012 schmidt.pdf
R. Stauder - Haematological malignancies PDF iconSIOG 2012 stauder.pdf

Presidential Session
P. Soubeyran - Paul Calabresi Award Lecture PDF iconSIOG 2012 calabresi award soubeyran.pdf