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November 3-5, 2011
Pullman Rive Gauche Hotel
Paris, France


Conference Chair: Etienne Brain, MD, PhD (Saint Cloud, France)
Scientific Committee Chair: Stuart Lichtman, MD, FACP (New York, USA)

Scientific & organizing committe

Matti Aapro, MD
Riccardo Audisio, MD, FRCS
Etienne Brain, MD, PhD
Hervé Curé, MD, PhD
Martine Extermann, MD, PhD
Stuart Lichtman, MD, FACP
Pierre Soubeyran, MD, PhD

SIOG 2011 programme

The SIOG 2011 final programme is available. PDF iconSIOG 2011 programme(pdf)

SIOG 2011 photos

Have a glance at what happened in Paris by viewing selected photos taken during the SIOG 2011 Annual Conference. 

SIOG 2011 awards

The 2011 Calabresi Award was presented to Ms Beena Devi, MD, MMed, Sarawak General Hospital, Malaysia.
This prize recognises an individual who has significantly contributed to the advancement of geriatric oncology. PDF iconSIOG 2011 Calabresi Award presentation (pdf)

The BJ Kennedy Award for the best poster of the 2011 conference was attributed to Ms Carine Bellera for: "Prognostic factors of the loss of autonomy in older patients with cancer receiving first line chemotherapy.Co-authors: Hoppenreys L, Hoppe S, Fonck M, Blanc-Bisson Ch, Blanc JF, Ceccaldi J, Mertens C, Imbert Y, Cany L, Vogt L, Dauba J, Palis R, Andriamampionona F, Houédé N, Floque A, Chomy F, Brouste V, Ravaud A, Mathoulin-Pelissier S, Rainfray M, Soubeyran P.

CME accreditation

This conference was CME-certified by the European Society for Medical Oncology with 13, category 1 ESMO-MORA points.
In addition it was approved for 12 European CME credits by ACOE.

Friday, November 4

L. Balducci & C. Terret - Dosing & toxicity management (case-based discussion) PDF iconSIOG 2011 balducci-terret.pdf

SESSION I: Updates
R. Audisio - Surgery PDF iconSIOG 2011 i.1_audisio.pdf
I. Kunkler - Radiation oncology PDF iconSIOG 2011 i.2_kunkler.pdf
A. Hurria - Medical oncology PDF iconSIOG 2011 i.3_hurria.pdf
O. Saint-Jean - Geriatrics PDF iconSIOG 2011 i.4_saint-jean.pdf

SESSION II: Geriatric oncology in the real world or in daily practice (round table)
C. Terret - Cancer work-up for the geriatrician PDF iconSIOG 2011 ii.1_terret.pdf
V. Girre - How much geriatrics can an oncologist do? PDF iconSIOG 2011 ii.2_girre.pdf
F. Retornaz - Geriatric assessment in private and public setting: how does it work? PDF iconSIOG 2011 ii.3_retornaz.pdf

SESSION III: Tough to treat tumours in elderly
M. Leahy - Sarcomas PDF iconSIOG 2011 iii.1_leahy.pdf
J.-Y. Delattre - CNS PDF iconSIOG 2011 iii.2_delattre.pdf
J.-L. Raoul - Pancreatic cancer: how far can we go? PDF iconSIOG 2011 iii.3_raoul.pdf
J. van der Sijp - Hepato-biliary surgery: who benefits? PDF iconSIOG 2011 iii.4_vandersijp.pdf

V. Laudone - Robotic oncologic surgery in the elderly PDF iconSIOG 2011 iva.1_laudone.pdf
S. Oudard - Targeted therapies in renal cell carcinoma PDF iconSIOG 2011 iva.2_oudard.pdf
S. Mohile - Prostate in the elderly: what role for new agents? PDF iconSIOG 2011 iva.3_mohile.pdf

SESSION IV B: Biology of ageing and cancer
T. Fulop - Immunosenescence and ageing PDF iconSIOG 2011 ivb.1_fulop.pdf
C. Gravekamp - Ageing, NK cells and response to cancer vaccines PDF iconSIOG 2011 ivb.2_gravekamp.pdf
C. Léger-Falandry - Telomeres and ageing PDF iconSIOG 2011 ivb.3_falandry.pdf

SESSION V A: Lung & head and neck tumours
H. Le Caer - Assessing an elderly with dyspnea PDF iconSIOG 2011 va.1_lecaer.pdf
M. Jaklitsch - Appropriate surgery for early lung cancer PDF iconSIOG 2011 jaklitsch.pdf
A. Jatoi - Adjuvant chemotherapy & targeted therapies: what role in the elderly? PDF iconSIOG 2011 va.3_jatoi.pdf
S. Senan - Curative XRT for early stage lung cancer PDF iconSIOG 2011 va.4_senan.pdf
J. Guigay - Which older HN patients are legitimate for EGFR inhibitors and how? PDF iconSIOG 2011 va.5_guigay.pdf

SESSION V B: Haematological malignancies
V. Leblond - Is FCR the standard therapy for older cancer patients with CLL? PDF iconSIOG 2011 vb.1_leblond.pdf
R. Stauder - MDS/MPN, prognosis and treatment PDF iconSIOG 2011 vb.2_stauder.pdf
V. Morrison - Low grade lymphomas: where do the new therapies fit? PDF iconSIOG 2011 vb.3_morrison.pdf
U. Wedding - When should we use intensive chemotherapy versus hypomethylating agents in older AML patients? Presentation not available
X. Leleu - Myeloma PDF iconSIOG 2011 vb.5_leleu.pdf

C. Kenis - Usefulness of a systematic geriatric screening in older cancer patients PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp1.1_kenis.pdf
L. Fratino - Identification of biomarkers associated to the frailty phenotype in elderly breast cancer patients using a metabolomics approach PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp1.2_corona.pdf
J. Eng - Self-rated health and walking ability predicts 10-year mortality in older women with breast cancer PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp1.3_eng.pdf
L. Pottel - Could the combined test "VES-13 + (max - G8)" represent an interesting alternative screening tool for identification of potential vulnerable elderly head and neck cancer patients? PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp1.4_pottel.pdf
M.J. Molina Garrido - Reversibility of cognitive impairment in elderly patients treated with chemotherapy PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp1.5_molina-garrido.pdf
A. Cerrotta - Hypofractionated adjuvant radiotherapy in elderly with breast cancer: experience in a single institution PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp1.6_cerrotta.pdf
A. Pecking - Radionuclide therapy in the palliation of painful metastases in elderly patients PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp1.7_pecking.pdf
F. Gaba Idiamey - A pilot study of the evaluation of QoL in women following robotic surgery for endometrial cancer PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp1.8_gaba.pdf
K. Clough-Gorr - Cancer-specific geriatric assessment (C-SGA): The relative importance of deficits in individual assessment domains on cancer outcomes PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp1.9_clough-gorr.pdf


Saturday, November 5

MORNING SESSION: Educational/funding opportunities in geriatric oncology and national organizations
A. Naeim & H. Muss - US resources, SIOG/ASCO PDF iconSIOG 2011 ms2_naeim-muss.pdf
H. Wildiers - European resources and EORTC PDF iconSIOG 2011 ms3_wildiers.pdf
C. Steer - Global resources PDF iconSIOG 2011 ms4_steer.pdf
H. Curé - SoFOG and the French connection PDF iconSIOG 2011 ms5_cure.pdf
E. Brain - Recommendations (NCCN, SIOG, SoFOG, etc.) PDF iconSIOG 2011 ms6_brain.pdf

SESSION VI: Breast cancer
D. Serin: Do elderly BC patients want to be screened? PDF iconSIOG 2011 vi.1_serin.pdf
E. Brain - Can new prognostic tools help us to design adjuvant treatment in elderly? PDF iconSIOG 2011 vi.2_brain.pdf
H. Wildiers - Optimizing treatment of triple negative breast cancer in the older woman PDF iconSIOG 2011 vi.3_wildiers.pdf
H. Muss - What is the role of targeted therapies in metastatic disease? PDF iconSIOG 2011 vi.4_muss.pdf

SESSION VII: Invited lecturer
S. Bonassi - Systems approaches: a Copernican revolution in the cancer-centric universePDF iconSIOG 2011 vii_bonassi_part1.pdf 

SESSION VIII: Geriatric assessment, frailty and QoL
H. Cohen - Definitions/biology of frailty PDF iconSIOG 2011 viii.1_cohen.pdf
B. van Leeuwen - Surgical assessment PDF iconSIOG 2011 viii.2_audisio.pdf
H. Nortier - GFI PDF iconSIOG 2011 viii.3_nortier.pdf
P. Soubeyran - G8 PDF iconSIOG 2011 viii.4_soubeyran.pdf
A. Hurria - CARG PDF iconSIOG 2011 viii.5_hurria.pdf
M. Extermann - The CRASH score PDF iconSIOG 2011 viii.6_extermann.pdf
E. Carola - OLD program PDF iconSIOG 2011 viii.7_carola.pdf
M. Janssen - QoL after treatment: can older patients return to active life after treatment? PDF iconSIOG 2011 viii.8_janssen-heijnen.pdf
L. Balducci - Summary: How do we use these data? PDF iconSIOG 2011 viii.9_balducci.pdf

SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM ROCHE: The role of targeted and anti-angiogenic agents in elderly breast cancer patients
E. Brain - Optimal chemotherapy regimen and targeted treatments for older women with breast cancer PDF iconSIOG 2011 rs.3_brain.pdf
M. Extermann - How to make sure that optimally designed strategies are adequately delivered and monitored: issues on compliance and quality of life PDF iconSIOG 2011 rs.4_extermann.pdf
G. Freyer - Use of geriatric scores in management of elderly cancer patients

SESSION IX A: Digestive cancers
C. Rocha Lima - Gastric cancer: how strong can curative intent treatment be in elderly PDF iconSIOG 2011 ixa.1_rocha-lima.pdf
N. de' Liguori Carino - Liver cancer and liver metastases: new techniques for elderly PDF iconSIOG 2011 ixa.2_deliguori.pdf
E. Mitry - Neuroendocrine tumors in the elderly PDF iconSIOG 2011 ixa.3_mitry.pdf
G. Folprecht - Systemic treatment of colorectal cancer in the elderly: an update PDF iconSIOG 2011 ixa.4_folprecht.pdf

SESSION IX B: Ovarian cancer
V. von Gruenigen - Timing and extent of surgery in the elderly PDF iconSIOG 2011 ixb.1_von_gruenigen.pdf
S. Lichtman - Chemo & targeted agents? GOG series PDF iconSIOG 2011 ixb.2_lichtman.pdf
H. Curé - Relapsed ovarian cancer PDF iconSIOG 2011 ixb.3_cure.pdf

M. Hamaker - Reasons for low accrual of elderly patients with metastatic breast cancer in the OMEGA study of the Dutch Breast cancer Trialists' Group (BOOG) PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp2.1_hamaker.pdf
E. Lamont - Clinical trial efficacy vs. real world effectiveness of cisplatin and etoposide in the care of elderly Medicare patients with extensive stage Small Cell Lung Cancer PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp2.2_lamont.pdf
K. K.F. Cheng - Symptom burden and quality of life in elderly patients in the first year of the post-cancer treatment PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp2.3_cheng.pdf
G. Colloca - Cancer in nursing home: a lack of care PDF iconSIOG 2011 pp2.4_colloca.pdf

B. Devi - Cancer awareness through education in SarawakPDF iconSIOG 2011 devi_paul_calabresi_award.pdf
R. Audisio - Presidential talk - SIOG 2012, Manchester, UK PDF iconSIOG 2011 c2_audisio.pdf