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SIOG is committed to medical research for improving health and wellbeing of the elderly populations with cancer. SIOG’s medical and clinical research covers the following areas:

  • Develop, test and disseminate easy screening tools to enable proper referrals to multidisciplinary clinics and encourage integrated approaches between oncologists and geriatricians
  • Create a clear and operational definition of vulnerability/frailty applicable to oncology
  • Increase the relevance of clinical trials for older patients: require large phase III trials to oversample older cancer patients in order reach a meaningful percentage of their cohorts, and to structure their analysis to provide results specific and pertinent to this population; extend phase II and III trials to patients with high levels of comorbidity or functional impairment with stratified accruals or extension cohorts; design specific trials for older cancer patients and promote multidisciplinary, basic/translational research on the interface of aging and cancer.

On-going research projects

Remark: Information on clinical trials in elderly cancer patients may be found in the EU Clinical Trials Register which was launched in March 2011 by the European Medicines Agency (EMA): now online.

  • ELD 15
  • CASA
  • ICE
  • GERICO 06/0502