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Shane O'Hanlon

Dr Shane O'Hanlon is a Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine at St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin. He previously worked with the Macmillan funded project Comprehensive Care for Older People with Cancer at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading. He is a faculty member of the Irish Geriatric Oncology meeting and teaches regularly on geriatric oncology for multidisciplinary staff. He has been an invited speaker at geriatric oncology meetings in several countries. He is the Honorary Secretary of the British Geriatrics Society.



Anne Horgan

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IGO Meeting 2016 - Report
After the success of the inaugural 2015 meeting, the 2nd Irish Geriatric Oncology Meeting was held on 9th April 2016 in Dublin with over 100 delegates registered at this year’s meeting. This meeting was organised by a team of specialists, led by Dr. Anne Horgan, Consultant Medical Oncologist at University Hospital Waterford and SIOG National Representative for Ireland. The programme committee for this year’s meeting included Anita O’Donovan, current Chair of the Membership and National Representative committee, Dr. George Pope, Dr. Miriam O’Connor, and Dr. Pat Barry. Read more

PDF icon2016 06 NR Report - Ireland

PDF icon2016 06 NR Report - Ireland

PDF icon2016 06 NR Report - Ireland